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Ripple (a.k.a. XRP) is an altcoin that has an approximate market cap of $10.2 billion. This cryptocurrency network uses a unique technology which facilitates quick online transactions. It is a reliable electronic payment network for different financial transactions. This digital currency was created by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb in the year 2012.

Ripple uses a decentralized and open source software platform which facilitates easy transfer of cash in the form of conventional currencies or cryptocurrencies. Ripple functions as a connection bridge to other digital and conventional currencies. It uses a financial distribution technology to send quick payments across different international networks. Ripple can be transferred directly between accounts without the intervention of an intermediary. Ripple utilizes a consensus system which records every detail of transaction in a ledger.

Ripple is a digital currency that complements bitcoins; it provides Bitcoin users with alternative ways to establish a bridge between different types of currencies. This digital currency is the third largest digital currency in the cryptocurrency market. The current price of ripple is $0.26741600. Currently, the amount of ripple coins in circulation is approximately 38.3 billion. Ripple has the second largest market cap in the cryptocurrency market.

Ripple support tokens that are representative of different currencies. The value of this digital currency has experienced a general increase since it was created. Ripple is trusted by companies such as UBS, Santander and UniCredit. The unique design features of ripple includes a gateway, consensus ledger, trustlines, creditworthiness, privacy, ledger security, open API and market makers.

The focus of the ripple network is to expand into the banking market. This technology will enable banking industries to quickly meet up with the demand of their clients for all payment sizes at a reduced cost. This results in enhanced user experiences, reduced transaction costs and new opportunities to generate revenue.